Last Updated on: 2019-01-29

Xap Technologies Pty Ltd has Australian Company Number (ACN) of 169623009 .According to Australian Securities and Investments Commission, the company was incorporated on 19/05/2014 as a Proprietary other at Registrar of Companies.

Xap Technologies Pty Ltd's Australian Business Number is (ABN) 73169623009 and its ACN is 169623009. Xap Technologies Pty Ltd company is classfied as type Australian proprietary company.

Xap Technologies Pty Ltd's current status is - Registered. According to Australian Securities and Investments Commission "Xap Technologies Pty Ltd" is belongs to class (Limited by Shares) - The liability of the members is limited to the amount unpaid on their shares. Shareholders are not required to contribute any further monies (in the case of a winding up) if the shares they have taken up are fully paid and it's subclass is Proprietary other.

Xap Technologies Pty Ltd Details

Company Number 169623009
Company Type APTY
Business Number 73169623009
Company Status REGD
Class LMSH
Sub Class PROP
Previous State of Registration Not Applicable
Age of Company 6 Years 8 Months and 5 days

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